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Center for Conscious Business Law Cornerstone


These Cornerstone statements express the core, underlying interests of the Center for Conscious Business Law. They represent the vision we hold that motivates us to persevere in our work, the mission we strive to accomplish, and the values with which we want to align all our actions.


We envision a world where people work together in a way that honors the humanity of all involved and harnesses their collective wisdom to generate significant positive impact in the world and enrich the lives of all involved.



To empower others to create and protect their business relationships.



  • Intention – We seek first to understand ourselves, those we interact with, and our surrounding environment, and then to act in choice to transform our hopes and dreams into reality.
  • Love – We engage ourselves and others with grace, generosity of spirit, and in service of a mutually beneficial relationship. We strive to fight for relationships rather than fight in them.
  • Collaboration – We choose to work together in ways that leverage the strengths of everyone involved to accomplish our shared goals.

I am

The Conscious Business Lawyer

Glenn Meier, Esq.

Conscious Business Lawyer

"I'm at my best," Glenn notes, "when I’m helping my clients make their business relationships work better. Sometimes that means helping them build the relationship from scratch and sometimes it means helping them restore a damaged relationship. Regardless of the entry point, I work with people to strengthen those relationships and design legal agreements that support them."

Mr. Meier is a shareholder with the Las Vegas Law firm of Holley, Driggs, Walch Fine, Puzey, & Thompson. All engagements for services discussed on this site are contracted through the Holley Driggs firm.

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