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My Story 

I want to start by telling the story of how this site came into being. That story starts seven or eight years ago, strangely enough right about the time I thought everything was clicking for me. I was running a small law firm with one partner. We had enough work to keep ourselves and two other lawyers busy, so business was going great. I was starting to develop more of the kind of work I had always wanted, working with small businesses where I got to interact directly with the principals, the people with the most skin in the game. I was attracted to those kind of clients because I wanted to be dealing directly with the top level decision makers; that’s where my skills would shine the strongest and where I could deliver the most value.

And an interesting thing happened. As I started to do more work with those kind of clients, I started to see how, from their perspective, the legal system wasn’t delivering much value. It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing cases. It was that even for the winners, there didn’t seem to be the value they expected or hoped for. Working with those top decision makers helped me see just how resource draining litigation can be. The worst cases were ones where in addition to losing time and money in fighting a lawsuit, the clients lost relationships too. I spent plenty of time with clients telling me they couldn’t believe that they weren’t able to just work out the problems they were having with their counterparts who in many instances had been close friends or relatives. That puzzled me too because it seemed to me that the system should have promoted people working things out. After all, many cases focus on positioning for settlement from a very early point, and the overwhelming majority, more than ninety percent, eventually settled. If most cases ended in agreement, I figured relationships should repair from that point, but that wasn’t happening. From my experience, litigation where the people involved had some prior underlying relationship before the case started was just about 100% fatal to those relationships.

Around this same time, I started reading more and more about a movement called Conscious Capitalism. CC fascinated me because it seemed to be addressing a very similar problem to what I was facing, while I was looking at the gap between what people needed/wanted from the legal system, they were looking at a similar gap in what people needed/wanted from the business world. CC calls for business leaders to operate in a way that promotes long term value creation. I fell in love with the whole philosophy, but one part stood out for me in particular. One part of the CC philosophy calls on businesses to create win win outcomes between them and everyone else their company affects. That really grabbed my attention, because something inside me knew that was the key to the gap I was confronting with the legal system. I started to imagine a world where lawyers worked together with their clients to find wins for everyone involved. After I imagined for a while, I could see a law practice that was about working together with business leaders to help them build and protect those important business relationships, and well, here we are!

If you’re a business leader that believes your business relationships are an important asset, then this site is for you. I’m going to talk about things you can do to build those strong resilient relationships. I’ll talk about how you can face conflict in a way that uncovers creative solutions and lets you come out the other side with your relationship intact. And I’ll talk about how you can harness these ideas to build powerful teams inside your organizations. Thank you for taking a look at the site, and I hope you enjoy the ride!


Mr. Meier is a shareholder with the Las Vegas Law firm of Holley, Driggs, Walch, Fine, Puzey, & Thompson. All engagements for services discussed on this site are contracted through the Holley Driggs firm.

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The Conscious Business Lawyer

Glenn Meier, Esq.

Conscious Business Lawyer

"I'm at my best," Glenn notes, "when I’m helping my clients make their business relationships work better. Sometimes that means helping them build the relationship from scratch and sometimes it means helping them restore a damaged relationship. Regardless of the entry point, I work with people to strengthen those relationships and design legal agreements that support them."

Mr. Meier is a shareholder with the Las Vegas Law firm of Holley, Driggs, Walch Fine, Puzey, & Thompson. All engagements for services discussed on this site are contracted through the Holley Driggs firm.

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