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Conscious Capitalism

Here are the services we offer in support of the Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism.

What is

Conscious Capitalism?

Tenet One:

a Conscious Company must serve a higher purpose

I act as the keeper of the company’s guiding principles by actively counseling company leadership on maintaining alignment with the organization Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.

Services in support of Tenet One:

Tenet Two:

a Conscious Company adopts a stakeholder orientation

I act as the company relationship engineer, by helping the company build and protect mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.

Services in support of Tenet Two:

Tenet Three:

a Conscious Company has conscious leadership

I act as a trusted advisor and thought partner for company leaders.

Services in support of Tenet Three:

Tenet Four:

a Conscious Company has a conscious culture

I act as a culture guide by providing tools that harness the collective wisdom of your team.

Services in support of Tenet Four:

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