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If you’ve ever considered hiring a lawyer, you have probably thought about it in terms of whether you “need” a lawyer, and usually, that means you have a problem that needs to be solved. In my experience though, the clients that get the most out of their work with lawyers are the ones who hire lawyers who can help prevent problems from coming up in the first place.

Which fits your situation best?

I’ve got a problem blowing up now, and I need help getting it solved!

Things seem pretty good now, and I want help preventing problems in the future!


Conflict Expert

I represent people in legal disputes about their business ventures. I work at every stage of the dispute process all the way from negotiations before a case is filed through trial and appeal. My 20 plus years of experience in civil litigation help my clients clarify their objectives for their case and take effective action to achieve those objectives.

I also work with people as a neutral party to help them get their disputes resolved. Bringing someone into your case who isn’t on anyone’s side can help you find common ground and creative solutions.

I advise and coach clients involved in business legal disputes. A legal dispute can be one of the most stressful parts of your business, and as research has shown, stress undermines our capacity to make decisions. In a time like this, it is extraordinarily helpful to have a thinking partner to keep your decision making at its sharpest.

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Relationship Engineer

I represent people in creating legal agreements tailored to their specific business relationships. This includes creating agreements specifically designed to work for people who take a collaborative approach to their contracting partners. For those looking to create the ultimate in high trust sustainable relationships, I offer Conscious Contracts,®️ a cutting edge approach to creating values-based legal agreements.

I work with groups to harness the creative power in their conflict. Most teams don’t have open conflict going on, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience negative and costly effects of conflict. Without a culture that encourages healthy conflict, most teams drive it below the surface where it festers, eventually dragging the team down. Fortunately, with regular time and attention, your team can master an approach to conflict that strengthens the bonds between team members and drives better outcomes for the team.

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Business Counselor

I work one on one with business leaders to boost their confidence and clarity in making decisions. Today’s business environment is getting more volatile and more complex. Making decisions in such an environment is challenging at the best of times. Many leaders find that using a thinking partner in decision making provides enhanced clarity and confidence that drives powerful actions.

I also work with teams on boosting their group decision-making capacity. We’ve all been part of groups that have decided to take on a big project, only to have the effort fizzle out. Often this indicates problems with the initial decision-making process. Reworking that process can boost team commitment and follow-through.

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I am

The Conscious Business Lawyer

Glenn Meier, Esq.

Conscious Business Lawyer

"I'm at my best," Glenn notes, "when I’m helping my clients make their business relationships work better. Sometimes that means helping them build the relationship from scratch and sometimes it means helping them restore a damaged relationship. Regardless of the entry point, I work with people to strengthen those relationships and design legal agreements that support them."

Mr. Meier is a shareholder with the Las Vegas Law firm of Holley, Driggs, Walch Fine, Puzey, & Thompson. All engagements for services discussed on this site are contracted through the Holley Driggs firm.

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